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Jen Portrait/ Allyse Dolas Photography
Movement//Allyse Dolas Photography

Color and Black and White//Allyse Dolas Photography

//Allyse Dolas Photography

Portrait//Allyse Dolas Photography
Allyse Dolas photography
Nature//Allyse Dolas Photography

My father died yesterday.

He was the greatest person in the world and he helped me become the person I am today.

All conventions and parties have been cancelled to mourn a life cut short.

Okay, so I am definitely going to Anime Midwest! I have everything all set up. If any of you have any other conventions that you would like me to go to, please message me!

Anonymous asked: Are you going to Anime Midwest in early July by any chance? =]

I will probaby be there roaming around! Ill keep the Tumblr updated!

Anime Central//Allyse Dolas Photography

nappychan-deactivated20131007 asked: Hey! I love your photography! What conventions do you generally go to? :3 I live in Iowa, so I mostly go to mid-west conventions. ^____^

Thank you! I go to many mid-west conventions also, mainly I go to Anime Central and surrounding events. I also do a lot of party photography, but my main love is cosplay photography. ^^

Anime central//Allyse Dolas photography
Anime Central//Allyse Dolas Photography

Anime Central//Allyse Dolas Photography